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Digital Spirit Level with laser beam 60cm

Digital Spirit Level with laser beam 60cm

Product Information

This digital level is a highly versatile levelling tool designed for fast, easy operation. Heavy-duty, lightweight aluminium construction, with LCD digital module constructed of unbreakable ABS polymer that’s sealed against dirt and water, and the toughest acrylic block bubble vials and solid-state laser components all add up to on the job durable and long, dependable measure tool.
Use the digital LCD readout for all your angle measurements and layout jobs, such as roof pitches, saw cut angles and drainage slopes. Use the laser beam to extend a visual levelling line over distances much greater than a traditional bubble vial beam level. Use the digital level indoors or outdoors to measure pitch in inches. Measure in degrees with up to 0.05° accuracy.  Features:

Indoor and Outdoor
Measuring angle
0 to 360°
Physical vial accuracy
Digital display accuracy
±0.05° level or plumb
±0.1°  other angle
Laser point accuracy
±10mm @ 30m
Power supply
2 x 1.5v AAA battery
Laser Class
635-665nm, class 2 laser
</= 1mW
Magnetic Base
Self Calibration
Integrated Ruler

Measure any slope in percent, measure level and plumb with either LCD digital display or with the vertical and horizontal bubble vials.
Absolute angle measurement:
The maximum advantage for this digital level is the 360° angle measurements relative to common levels, and the accuracy for digital display is up to 0.05° at level or plumb position.
Relative angle measurement:
To measure the angle difference between two working surfaces you can use relative angle measurement.
Laser alignment:
When taking horizontal, vertical or angle measurement, use the integrated laser diode, the working range will extend up to 50m away to enable you to level large areas.
LCD Display - Large, easy to read display screen reads right side up even when level is upside down.
Bubble Vials - The highly sensitive vial ensure the digital level has an accuracy of 0.029°
Magnetic Base - Four magnets in the working base allow for secure contact to metal, handy when working with settle studs or metal ductwork.
¼" tripod thread - Allows to be mounted to a ¼" tripod.
Keyboard Function:
Ref - Push the button briefly to set current angle to zero, enter relative angle measurement mode. Push the button for about 3 seconds to start calibration.
M - Save button, push to save the current reading in its memory. The level will save last nine different consecutive angle readings in its memory.
MR - Memory recall button, push button to recall the last 9 measurements that are saved in the memory. They will read in order of the latest measurement entered as 'first".
Unit - Unit conversion button, by pushing this button you can convert angles to different units. Push to change the display units form degree (°) to pitch (in/ft), to percent slope(%). Pitch readings are in 1/8"/feet increments. Plus and minus signs indicate that the pitch is slightly more(+) or less(-) than true level.

Price: $132.00

Product Code: Devon 60cm Digital Spirit Level with laser pointer
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