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Digital Level Sprinter 150M

Digital Level Sprinter 150M

Product Information

Leica Digital Level Sprinter 150M   

The Leica Digital Level Sprinter offers everything that you would expect from a construction instrument. It enhances user benefits with a simple user interface and value-added functions:   


Leica Sprinter 150 for Automatic Height Calculations
The Sprinter 150 covers almost all construction applications. It automatically determines your delta height. Enter your benchmark, measure the backsight B, measure the foresight F and the result will be displayed instantly. For continuous measurement choose the tracking mode and averaging mode for more accurate results.

    Leica Sprinter 150M/250M for Advanced Levelling Work
The Sprinter 150M and 250M are the perfect tools for advanced construction levelling tasks. Store up to 1’000 measurements, download and transfer them for further calculations to Excel® to a PC via USB. The delta height calculation and programs line levelling, cut & fill and monitoring facilitates your levelling jobs significantly. The 0.7 mm accuracy of the 250M and the monitoring program allow machine and construction subsidence measurements.
Advanced Leveling:
Push the Button: With its easy one-button operation, Leica Sprinter does not need any intensive training. Simply push the red button to take the measurement. That’s all you need to do.
Read: Optical reading is no longer needed. The bar code on the staff determines height and distance which is displayed on a highly visible LCD display. There will be no misreading.
Calculate: The Leica Sprinter takes on your calculations. Choose the right application in your language. The correct results will be displayed (for Sprinter 150 – only delta height and tracking) : Delta height, Line levelling, Cut & fill, Tracking & monitoring
Memorize:  With their built-in memory for storing up to 1’000 points, the Sprinter 150M and 250M avoid transcription errors. Download: With Leica Sprinter 150M and 250M, data can be downloaded to your personal computer via USB Interface. The Sprinter DataLoader enables a smooth data transfer to Excel®. Your measurements can also be transferred to an external data collector via RS232 interface. 
Package includes Sprinter150M, on board softwares, 4 pieces AA dry cells, user manual, USB cable and hard caring case. 
Height measurements
Standard deviation per km double run (ISO 17123-2):
Electronic measurement with Sprinter aluminum barcode staff:
1.0 mm (Sprinter 250M). 1.5 mm (Sprinter 150/150M). Optical measurement with standard aluminum E-scale/Numeral staff: 2.5 mm.
Standard Deviation for single staff reading: 0.6 mm (electronic) and 1.2 mm (optical) at 30m
Distance Accuracy
(Standard Deviation)
10 mm for D<= 10 m
Distance in m x 0.001 for D>10 m
Distance measuring range for electronic measurements with standard aluminum barcode staff: 2 m to100 m.
Shortest focusing distance 50 cm
Measuring time single
measure Electronic)
(Typically 3 seconds and less in normal daylight condition; needs longer measuring time in uniform dim light condition (20 lux).
Circular Bubble
Circular Bubble Sensitivity: 10'/2 mm
Magnet damped pendulum compensator with electronic range monitoring
Tilt Warning Range (Electronically): ± 10'
Compensator range (Mechanically): ± 10'
Setting accuracy: 0.8" max. (Standard Deviation)
Magnetic field sensitivity: < 10"
(Line-of-sight difference in horizontal constant magnetic field at a field strength of up 5 Gauss)
RS232 Port
For RS232 cable connection to external battery and communication to PC / data collector.
Phone Jab Port
For USB cable connection to communication to PC.
Internal Memory
Storage Capacity: up to 1000 points.
Data Transfer
Program: To DataLoader via USB, to Leica Geo Office and HyperTerminal via RS232 on PC, using a Windows® application
Power Supply
Sprinter 150: internal battery
Sprinter 150M/250M: internal battery and external via RS232 port.
Battery Power
Battery internal: AA dry cells 4 x 1.5 V; powered via RS232 port:
Nominal voltage 12 V. voltage range 4 - xx V. GEV71 power cable to a 12 V car battery; current rating max. 300 mA.
Type: Monochrome display with backlight capability
Dimensions: 128 x 104 pixels
Magnification (Optical): 24 x . Free objective diameter: 36 mm
Clear Objective Aperture: 2 ° . Multiplication constant: 100
Addition constant: 0
Hz Circle
Circle Engraving: Plastic horizontal circle of 360° (400 gon). Graduation and numerals scale resolution at 1°(upper scale) and at 50 gon intervals (lower scale)
Side Drive
Movement & Play in side drive: Continuous horizontal dual drive
MMI capability. Measuring / applications
Keyboard: 5 rubber keys
Temperature Range
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +70°C
Environmental Specifications
Protection against water, dust and sand: IP55 (IEC 60529). Protection against Humidity: Up to 95% humidity no condensation. The effects of condensation are to be effectively counteracted by periodically drying out the product.
Instrument: Length (incl. front of lens tube to fully extended eyepiece) 219 mm Width (from the external face of focusing drive to the external side of circular bubble holder) 196 mm
Height (incl. hand grip, base fully extended) 178 mm
Container: Length 400 mm, Width 220 mm, Height 325 mm
2.55 kg (including 4 AA batteries)
Increase Productivity
Minimize Human Errors
Operate in Low Light Conditions 
USB interface (only 150M and 250M)
User-friendly menu
Automatic height calculation and delta height
The right levelling applications
Built-in memory (only 150M and 250M)
Aim and Focus: With its high-accuracy optical elements you simply aim and focus the staff as an optical level. 
Leica Sprinter 150M, 250M on board software:
  Delta height (Sprinter 150/150M/250M):
This function calculates the height difference between points. Enter your benchmark, measure your backsight and then your various targets (foresights). The delta height is always calculated and displayed.
  Line Levelling (Sprinter 150M/250M):
Whether you only have back and foresights or even intermediate sights, choose the line levelling job you need. Enter your starting benchmark, measure your backsights, intermediate sights and foresights until you have reached your final point. All measurements are stored in the appropriate order.
  Cut & fill (Sprinter 150M/250M):
This onboard application indicates the cut & fill results based on a reference level. Enter your required reference level and benchmark. Take the backsight and start measuring. The program displays now the cut & fill results, height differences, compared to your reference level.

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