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Ultra Locator - Advanced

Ultra Locator - Advanced

Product Information

The ULTRA System Locators are multi-frequency precision locators for locating and tracing buried cables and pipes. 

They offer advanced operating capability, with over 70 operating modes. Enabling the operator to optimize the settings, controls and operating modes to maximize the locators performance in the most challenging and complex site conditions.

The Locators have a clear graphical LCD screen, with auto-pinpointing directional arrows. The screen is large and clearly laid out. It is daylight visible and backlit ensuring confident and fast locating in all operating conditions day or night. 

There are two versions of the locators, the Standard version and the Advanced version.

The ULTRA Advanced Locator sets itself apart by intelligently monitoring other frequencies that are interfering with the signal you’re locating or tracing and recommends which frequency to use for the best results. Saving you time and giving you increased confidence in your results.

The ULTRA System also has an advanced signal transmitter. It is the Experts choice for utility locating and tracing.

Overall the ULTRA System is:

Easy to use

Pinpoint accuracy

Flexible operating modes to suit the most challenging site conditions. 

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