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Digital Level Sprinter 50

Digital Level Sprinter 50

Product Information

Leica Sprinter 50 Digital Level
The Sprinter 50 is the perfect levelling tool for your daily levelling tasks. Just aim, focus and measure by pressing one button, the data is displayed almost instantly. There will be no more misreading. Error reducing functions, such as the tilt sensor prevent the system from measuring if the user operates outside the compensator range. You always measure and read error-free!

Aim and Focus
With its high-accuracy opticalelements you simply aim and focus the staff as an optical level.

Push the Button
With its easy one-button operation, Leica Sprinter does not need any intensive training. Simply push the red button to take the measurement. That‘s all you need to do

Optical reading is no longer needed. The bar code on the staff determines height and distance which is displayed on a highly visible LCD display. There will be no misreading

Benefits: Minimize Human Errors, Operate in Low Light Conditions 

Any levelling - at any place - for anyone
Use the Leica Sprinter 50 as a multifunctional levelling tool:
Elevation control, height control
Platform/concrete casting stakeout, rectangular area stakeout, distance measuring
As-built elevation checking, grade checking, area leveling, volume determination of earth/dirt moving operations
GSS111 Dual face Aluminium staff, 5m 4 sections, SPRINTER bar code E-Scale with circular bubble and bag
GSS112 Dual face Aluminium staff, 4m 4 sections, SPRINTER bar code E-Scale with circular bubble and bag
GSS122-3 Dual face Fibreglass staff, 4m 4 sections, SPRINTER bar code Metric with circular bubble and bag
GSS113 Dual face Fibreglass staff, 3m 1 section, SPRINTER bar code E-Scale with circular bubble and bag
Sprinter Staff Bubble
GEV189, Data transfer cable, Lemo to USB connector (incl. USB electronics), 2.0m. Connects Sprinter to PC for data transfer. PC driver and user manual included on CD.
GEV102 Data transfer cable Lemo RS232 (9-pin, female, 2m) for connecting PC, laptop etc.
GSB5 Sunshade for digital level.
Sprinter Folding Ruler - Dual face metric and barcode
Power supply for Sprinter:
GP Recyko AA battery 4 pack
Powercell charger AA batts.
Height measurements
Standard deviation per km double run (ISO 17123-2):
Electronic measurement with Sprinter aluminum barcode staff: 2.0mm
Optical measurement with standard aluminum E-scale/Numeral staff: 2.5mm
Standard Deviation for single staff reading: 0.6 mm (electronic) and 1.2 mm (optical) at 30m
Distance Accuracy
(Standard Deviation)
10 mm for D<= 10 m
Distance in m x 0.001 for D>10 m
Distance measuring range for electronic measurements with standard aluminum barcode staff: 2 m to 100 m.
Optical shortest
focusing distance
50 cm
Measuring time single
measure (Electronic)
Typically 3 seconds and less in normal daylight condition; needs longer measuring time in uniform dim light condition (20 lux).
Circular Bubble
Circular Bubble Sensitivity: 10'/2 mm
Magnet damped pendulum compensator with electronic range monitoring
Tilt Warning Range (Electronically): ± 10'
Compensator range (Mechanically): ± 10'
Setting accuracy: 0.8" max. (Standard Deviation)
Magnetic field sensitivity: < 10" (Line-of-sight difference in horizontal constant magnetic field at a field strength of up 5 Gauss)
Power Supply
Internal battery
Battery Power
Battery internal: AA dry cells 4 x 1.5 V; current rating max. 300 mA.
Type: Monochrome display
Dimensions: 128 x 104 pixels
Magnification (Optical): 24 x
Free objective diameter: 36 mm
Clear Objective Aperture: 2 °
Multiplication constant: 100
Addition constant: 0
Hz Circle
Circle Engraving: Plastic horizontal circle of 360° (400 gon). Graduation and numerals scale resolution
at 1°(upper scale) and at 50 gon intervals (lower scale)
Side Drive
Movement & Play in side drive: Continuous horizontal dual drive
MMI capability
Measuring Height and Distance
Keyboard: 1 rubber key
Temperature Range
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +70°C
Environmental Specifications
Protection against water, dust and sand: IP55 (IEC 60529)
Protection against Humidity: Up to 95% humidity no condensation. The effects of condensation are to be effectively counteracted by periodically drying out the product.
Length (incl. front of lens tube to fully extended eyepiece) 219 mm
Width (from the external face of focusing drive to the external side of circular bubble holder) 196 mm
Height (incl. hand grip, base fully extended) 178 mm
Container: Length 400 mm, Width 220 mm, Height 325 mm
2.55 kg (including 4 AA batteries)

Price: $1309.00

Product Code: Digital Level Leica Sprinter 50
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