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Leica Construction Total Station Builder 509

Leica Construction Total Station Builder 509

Product Information

The Leica Builder Total Station series are designed for operators working on a site with the need of intuitive, innovative and powerful whilst easy to use measuring tools which are tailored for every construction job. From the most basic of tasks to all-day use by a skilled user, the Builder Series offers will accelerate your work flow.

Designed to be simple to use, even for those with little experience, the Builder will prove effective in a range of applications from surveying and setting out to calculating areas and volumes. Data is read from the highly visible and easy to read digital display.

Benefits and features of the Leica Builder Series:

Profile Boards 
The Builder total stations are able to set out, transfer alignments and collect all profile or batter board information easily. This allows for information to be transferred from plans to site, negates the need for strings, tapes and plumbing tools and also makes it easy to re-set damaged or missing boards.

Line Layout 
Simply align structures such as fencing, formwork, anchor bolts and more. The Builder series are able to take reference lines, alignments and curves simply and easily. Create level layouts on inclined terrain.

Volume Information 
Quickly and accurately identify volumes digitally such as extracted material, formation cutting and stockpile monitoring.

Area Data 
Determine the amount of materials needed such as tiles for a roof, for a specific job by measuring areas accurately.

Precise Checking 
Accurately identify distances between objects to give precise clearance, determine parallel walls and define the right grade for drainage. The Builder Total Station is able to immediately measure non-accessible points, which is difficult to do using traditional methods.

Finished Data 
The Builder Total Station suits all types of user, including architects, utility organisations, builders, landscapers and carpenters alike. Users can store all the information required to show final measurements as built projects for client records such as future developments. This can even be used to integrate with CAD planning.

Height Transfer 
Datum line determination, transferring of reference heights and checking remote heights is made easy with one step. This is all possible with only one operator using any of the power Leica Builder Total Stations.


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