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Leica Disto X4 P2P Kit with DST360 and TRI120 tripod

Leica Disto X4 P2P Kit with DST360 and TRI120 tripod

Product Information

Leica Disto X4 P2P Kit with DST360 and TRI120 tripod in hard case

- Outdoor measuring: The Pointfinder camera allows you to precisely target and measure distant objects in bright sunlight. The target object shows clearly on the DISTO's high-resolution screen.
- Point to point measurement: Transform your DISTO X4 into a real measurement station with the DST 360. It allows you to measure distances between any two points, from one position.
- Quality feel: The all-new DISTO X4 only uses the best quality materials to ensure consistent measurement results in different environments. A precision product you can trust.
- Horizontal measurements: Distance and tilt measurements allow you to determine horizontal distances with absolute precision. Use your laser measurement data to automatically generate realistic and scaled floor plans.
- Document and visualize: The Leica DISTO Plan app allows you to document and visualise your measurements. The Smart Room function makes it possible to create accurate floor plans simply by taking clockwise or counter-clockwise room
- Auto rotate display: The display automatically rotates in line with the orientation of the device; allowing you to easily read the screen from any angle.
- Includes: holster, hand loop and batteries


- Typ. distance measuring accuracy (ISO 16331-1 certified): +/- 1.0 mm
- Range (ISO 16331-1 certified): 0.05 up to 150 m
- Measuring units: m, ft, in
- X-Range Power Technology: Yes
- Tilt sensor: Yes
- Tilt sensor accuracy to the housing: +/- 0.2 degrees
- Smart Base measuring range (Horizontal): 360 for use with Leica DST 360 (sold separately)
- Smart Base measuring range (Vertical): -64 to > 90 degrees for use with Leica DST 360 (sold separately)
- Typ. tolerance of P2P function for use with Leica DST 360 (sold separately): +/- 2mm at 2m, 5mm at 5m, 10mm at 10m
- Levelling range: 5 degrees for use with Leica DST 360
- Memory of last measurement: 20
- DISTO transfer for Windows: Yes
- DISTO Plan app for iOS and Android: Yes, includes in app purchases
- Smart Room function support: Yes
- General data interface: Bluetooth Smart
- Data interface for 3D point data: Bluetooth Smart
- Measurements per set of batteries: up to 4'000 (reduced when used with Bluetooth)
- Service life of batteries: up to 8h (reduced when used with Bluetooth)
- Multifunctional endpiece with automatic reference detection: Yes
- Batteries: 2x AA Alkaline
- Protection class: IP 65
- 2m drop tested: Yes
- Dimensions: 132 x 56 x 29 mm
- Weight with batteries: 184g
- Art. No.: 855107
- EAN / UPC: 7640110697887

Leica DST360 Kit

The DST 360 transforms your handheld DISTO X3 and X4 into a real measurement station, allowing you to accurately measure distances between any two points from one position.


- 3D point measurement: Your DISTO X3 or X4 in combination with the DST 360 and the DISTO Plan app allow you to measure 3 dimensional points. X, Y and Z coordinates are recorded and can be exported into your CAD solution.
- Metal design: The Leica DST 360 is made entirely out of metal. This ensures robustness and precise measurement results.
- Intelligent adapter: Technologies used in the adapter extend the measurement possibilities of your DISTO X3 and X4. Powered by your DISTO, the DST 360 exchanges measurement data with your X3 and X4. This allows for horizontal and vertical angle measurements.
- Job site ready: The Leica DST 360 comes with a compact but sturdy tripod TRI 120. Both are stored in a very robust case protected to IP 67 standards with space for your Leica DISTO™ X3 or X4.

Price: $1969.00

Product Code: Leica Disto X4 P2P Kit with DST360 and TRI120 tripod
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