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Astor LT-10 Digital Laser Pointer Theodolite

Astor LT-10 Digital Laser Pointer Theodolite

Product Information

Astor LT-10 Theodolite is a 10-second instrument with the main difference when compared to a regular theodolite is the addition of the laser unit on top. The laser emits a plumb vertical line that is calibrated to the crosshairs in the theodolite. The laser has a pulse function that mimics a rotating laser so that it can be used with laser receivers when the beam would not be visible (outdoors for example). The use for this instrument is primarily for plumb applications (erecting concrete tilt-up wall construction, grain elevators, and so on) the advantage over a regular theodolite is the ability for the worker at the other end to have immediate feedback via the laser.

This easy to use LT10 Laser Theodolite Transit with 1,500 foot radius laser range, with Front and Back LCD Display, provides maximum precision for elevation, locates and building layout. The LT-10 is compatible with standard machine control and hand held receivers, and it features simple, easy-to-use push button operation, Optical Plummet, built in cross hair and display illumination, water resistant, sealed construction, as well as a removable tribrach for fitment with standard 5/8″ x11 or dome head tripods.


  • Accuracy - 10″
  • Minimum reading - 10″
  • Objective Aperature - 45mm
  • Magnification - 30X
  • Field of View - 1′ @ 30′
  • Resolving Power - 2.5″
  • Shortest Focus Distance - 1.3m
  • Display - LCD
  • Display Panel - 2 sides
  • Illumination - Provided
  • Telescope - Upright Image
  • Telescope Length - 155mm
  • Optical Plummet - 4X
  • Electronic Circle - 360º or 400gon
  • Focusing Range - 5º
  • Plate Level - 30″/ 2mm
  • Circular Vial - 8′ /2mm
  • Approximate Nicad Battery Life - 16 Hours
  • Approximate Alkaline Battery Life - 6 Hours
  • One year Manufacturer’s Warranty Included

Price: $2200.00

Product Code: Astor LT-10 Digital Laser Pointer Theodolite
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