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TUF X Liner Cross Line Laser

TUF X Liner Cross Line Laser

Product Information

Tuf Cross Line X Liner Laser - Automatic Levelling Line Laser 

Automatic Leveling 

When the pendulum is unlocked, the pendulum is free to automatically level, In order for the Cross Line Laser to automatically level, the base of the unit needs to be within 5° of level. When the pendulum is unlocked and the Cross Line Laser is within 5° of level, the unit will be in automatic leveling range, in this situation no LED light will be on. Should the base of the unit be outside the 5° leveling range the laser beam will flash meanwhile an audibly warning will be sent out from Cross Line Laser.
The Tuf Cross Line Laser is a precision instrument and should be treated with care. When not in use, the pendulum should always be in the Off position. Locking the pendulum allows the Cross Line Laser to better withstand vibration and trauma incurred during transportation or if the unit is dropped.
Locked Line Angle
In the locked line angel position, the pendulum is in the locked position and will not automatically level. When in the locked line position, both two laser lines will be on and flash slowly. The Red Lock LED will be on as well.
Low Battery Alarm:
The Green battery LED will be on and keep flashing slowly when the working voltage is <3V. At this situation the batteries are required to be replaced. 
Package includes:
1. Glasses
2. Target
3. Alkaline batteries
4. Magnetic wall mount
5. Rotatable base with tripod thread
Vertical Beam
Horizontal Beam
Two years
Accuracy of horizontal line
±3 mm@10m
Vertical accuracy
±2.5 mm@10m
Leveling Range
4° ± 0.5°
Working Range/With Detector
20m/50m with detector
Bracket , Tripod Thread
1/4" , 5/8"
Laser Type
635 nm, laser class II
Operating Temperature
-10°C to 45°C
Storage Temperature
-20°C to 60°C
119 x 62 x 95/cm3
Continuous Working TimeAll Diodes
≥ 8hour

Price: $187.00

Product Code: Tuf Cross Line Laser Red Beam TUFXLINER
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