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C Scope DXL Cable Locator with SGV Signal Generator

C Scope DXL Cable Locator with SGV Signal Generator

Product Information

The new C.Scope DXL Cable Avoidance Tool is a high performance Locator developed using the latest in advanced digital signal processing technology. It is the most modern design of Locator available and can determine the exact location AND DEPTH of buried pipes and cables immediately prior to any form of excavation work taking place, day or night.
Building on the key features of our classic Cable Avoidance Tool, the DXL has added an extra detecting mode plus greater sensitivity and improved signal interference rejection to create a Locator that will provide valuable information about the position and depth of buried pipes and cables more quickly than previously possible.
When combined with a C.Scope SGA or SGV Signal Generator and accessories, the DXL Cable Avoidance Tool becomes a versatile, all round pipe and cable locating and tracing package. Robustly made and equipped with LCD meter with automatic backlight, detachable loudspeaker and easy-to-operate fingertip controls, the C.Scope DXL Cable Avoidance Tool is the ideal tool for those needing to detect buried services quickly and with confidence.
The C.Scope DXL Cable Avoidance Tool now has four detecting modes, each with their own unique advantages:
The POWER mode is the quickest way to detect most buried electricity cables by detecting the signal created by the electrical current itself.
The RADIO mode detects re-radiated "radio" type signals that are often present on metal pipes and cables allowing their position to be determined using just the DXL alone.
The GENERATOR mode is used to detect the signal applied to a metal pipe or cable by a C.Scope SGA or SGV Signal Generator. In addition the Generator mode can be used to detect the signal being transmitted by a C.Scope Sonde for non-metallic pipe tracing. In both instances the depth of the pipe or cable or Sonde can be displayed at the press of a button.
The brand new ALLSCAN mode detects ALL frequencies of signal from the lowest of the Power signals right up to and including 33kHz. This great all-in-one mode can detect unusual frequency signals often overlooked in the conventional Power, Radio and Generator modes and can often speed up the locating process with just one sweep of the site.
The depth measurement feature allows you to determine exactly how deep pipes and cables are buried with the simple push of a button.
The DXL locator is available with Bluetooth connectivity to enable communication with mapping and data logging systems.
Maintenance & calibration: As with ALL C.Scope digital Cable Avoidance Tools - no yearly calibration checks are required. 
Depth Measurement
Combined visual response AND clear audible response
Visual response provides the following: Battery condition indicator, Signal strength, Mode selected
Digital display as well as the conventional audible response
Superior ‘natural' audible response rather than a digitally reproduced version
Excellent signal to interference ratio leaving a clear, crisp signal response
Provision for spare battery storage within the Cable Avoidance Tool
Retractable loudspeaker that you can replace if it is damaged without the need to get the unit recalibrated
Fully weatherproof design to IP65
Bluetooth Connectivity 
Dimensions: 720 x 280 x 65mm
Weight: - 2.6kg incl. batteries. 2.4kg excl. batteries.
Batteries: 8 x ‘AA' (LR6) cells alkaline batteries typically giving up to 40 hours intermittent use at 20ºC. Compatible with NiMH rechargeable batteries.
Temperature Range: -20ºC to +50ºC
IPRating: IP65
Approvals: CE
Warranty: 12 months 

@ 1m Depth
50 - 400
up to 3m
10 - 3K
Up to 2m
Generator 33KHz
Up to 3m
 5 - 33K
Up to 3m
Depth Measurement
0.05m - 3m
Sondes Depth Range
0.05m - 3m


manual link:

C Scope Signal generator
A C.Scope SGV Signal Generator is a vital accompaniment to a C.Scope CX DXL Cable Avoidance Tool and significantly increases the number of buried services that can be detected.
The 33kHz SGA or SGV Signal Generator can energise a buried metal pipe or cable either by 'direct connection' to the target pipe or cable or the simpler 'induction' method from above ground. Direct Connection allows specific pipes or cables to be individually traced, identified and their depths measured, whilst use of the Induction method allows previously unknown metal pipes of cables to be detected and traced.

The SGA Signal Generator has a power output of up to 0.3 Watt whilst the SGV Signal Generator boats a class leading ONEWATT POWEROUTPUT to provide longer distance tracing. The SGV Signal Generator has Four position power level adjustment so YOU control how much power to use and when. The SGA Signal Generator enables you to toggle between a high & low setting. Both the SGA and SGV offer the choice of a Pulsed or Continuous signal output. Switch to the Pulsed Mode, at the push of a button in high interference situations and keep on tracing. The SGA and SGV Signal Generators have a clear audible signal output to indicate when they are in operation and also feature an inbuilt mute control. The SGV has a Multi-segment Liquid Crystal Display that provides clear information about the functions selected. The display also shows the all important battery condition so you always know exactly how much battery life you have at your disposal.
Output Power SGV
- Switchable through four levels up to a maximum of One Watt.
- Output Power SGA: High/Low toggle up to 0.3 Watt.
Digital display (SG-V only)
Variable power outputs
Long battery life
Industry standard 33kHz transmitting frequency
Traditional pulsed signal output plus continuous signal output for quick tracing and depth measurement
Integrated accessory tray that can accommodate ALL the most common accessories
Extra long auxiliary Earth Lead included as standard
Extremely robust and weatherproof design
Product Dimensions: 360 x 180 x 230mm
Weight: 3.4kg incl. accessories. 2.0kg unit only.
Batteries: 4 x D (LR20) alkaline batteries typically giving up to 30 hours intermittent use at 20ºC. Compatible with NiMH rechargeable batteries.
Temperature Range: -20ºC to +50ºC
IPRating: IP65
Approvals: CE, EN300-330, EN301-489
Warranty: 12 months

SGA Signal Generator
SGV Signal Generator


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Product Code: C Scope DXL Cable Locator with SGV Signal generator
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