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Maxbond Construction Adhesive

Maxbond Construction Adhesive

Product Information

Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive is ideal for bonding timber and most common construction materials including particle board, MDF board, brick, concrete, gypsum board, galvanized metal and aluminium. Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive is a synthetic rubber based adhesive designed primarily for installation of flooring and wall panels. Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive can be used in many general household applications.


  • One part - no mixing.
  • Paintable with most surface coatings.
  • Reduces squeaking associated with nail ride in floors.
  • Complies with AS 2329 - 1999 requirements.
  • Repositionable for up to 20 minutes after application.
  • Reduces number of mechanical fasteners required to install floors or walls.
  • Water resistant - will not break down in intermittent contact with water (e.g. rain).
  • Natural wood colour - blends in.
  • High bond strength.


  • Installing particle board, fiber cement, plasterboard, plywood and strip flooring to joists
  • Bonding fiber cement sheet, plaster board and wall panelling to wooden and metal studs High bond strength and heat resistance
  • Skirting boards, architraves and trims to walls
  • mirrors to walls (not overhead)
  • replacing loose tiles on walls (not recommended for floor tiles)
  • suitable for fixing polystyrene wall panels (if directions are strictly followed).

Compatible Substrates

  • Concrete Fiberglass
  • Cement sheeting Plywood
  • Metal Particleboard
  • Plasterboard Ceramic
  • Timber Expanded polystyrene


  • 300g cartridge will give 14 lineal meters of a 5mm bead, or 2 sheets of 1.2 x 2.4 meter panel.
  • When trowelled out
  •  2.5mm trowel ~ 1.4m2/litre approx.
  •  3.0mm ~ 1.2m2/litre approx.
  •  4.0mm ~ 0.6m2/litre approx.

Surface Preparation

Only apply to surfaces that are clean, dry, sound and free of dust oil or contamination. Clean metal with mineral turps* or white spirits*. Adhesion to metals can be further improved by light sanding. Application Cut tip off cartridge, screw on nozzle and load into cartridge gun. Cut nozzle tip to a 5mm diameter hole (or desired size). Squeeze trigger and apply.

Performance Summary

  • Skinning time 1-5 minutes.
  • Repositioning time < 20 minutes.
  • Full cure Seven days, depending on conditions.
  • Sag Resistance (AS 2329 - 1999, Appendix A) < 6 mm
  • Transfer (AS 2329 - 1999, Appendix B) > 75 % after 15 minutes open time.
  • Aging (AS 2329 - 1999, Appendix C) No chipping or cracking after 500 hours at 70oC.
  • Initial Bond Strength (AS 2329 - 1999, Appendix D) >200kPa
  • Tensile Bond Strength (AS 2329 - 1999, Appendix E) >1MPa Initial, >0.8MPa aged.
  • Static Load (AS 2329 - 1999, Appendix G) PASS (No movement)

Flooring and Wall Panels: Apply a wavy 5mm diameter. Bead to each joist, batten or stud. Where sheets will butt together, apply 5mm beads along both edges of that joist, batten or stud so each sheet edge will be on a glue line.

Floors: Fit sheet to joist within 15 minutes. Stagger end-joins leaving 1.5mm gaps between them to allow for expansion. Nail or screw sheets to joists at 150mm centers around the perimeter and 300mm centers through the middle, or per manufacturers instructions. Use putty knife to remove any adhesive squeezed out between the sheets.

Wall: Fit panel to stud within 15 minutes and press firmly into position. To speed up the bonding, tilt panel back for a few minutes to allow solvent to escape. Refit panel making sure glue line matches up. Press firmly together. Nail or screw panels as for floors per manufacturers instructions. If not nailing or screwing, brace panel for at least 24 hours, until set. When bonding a sheet or panel to a large, flat surface, apply full length 5mm diameter. Beads every 30-40cm. Press into position and brace until set.

Concrete Slab floors Slab on ground or below ground

Must have an effective water vapour barrier. Concrete must have been poured at least 60 days prior to application and have moisture content below 3%. Concrete must be free of any surface water, curing compound residues, loose or weak surface concrete. Patch all holes with a strong bonding compound.

Above ground concrete floor: Must be at least 45 days old, free of surface dampness and curing compound residues, loose or weak concrete. Patch all holes with a strong bonding compound.

Bondin: All overlay flooring must be fully bonded, that is a full trowel out of Adhesive over entire area. Spot gluing or bead application is not recommended.

Applicatio: Apply Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive and trowel out with a 2.5mm, 3mm, or 4mm V notched trowel depending on surface roughness of floor. Only apply as much Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive as can be covered in 10 minutes by flooring. Secret nail individual planks and place sand bags or similar weights on whole area.

Mirrors: Use Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive for mirrors on walls only, not for mirrors on ceilings. Apply wavy 5mm diameter beads, parallel about 20cm apart. Do not apply across the top or bottom of the mirror as solvent needs a way out, do not apply as a blob. Mechanical fastening is recommended. Use ‘wall panel tilt method’ to speed up setting and reduce solvent build up. Brace until set. Do not fix mirrors if temperature is over 30 degrees centigrade. Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive is suitable for bonding standard silvered backed mirrors only, not vinyl or safety backed mirrors.

Polystyrene Foam Panels: When installing Polystyrene foam panels using Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive the adhesive must be applied as parallel beads, each no more than 5 mm in diameter. Once Maxbond is applied the polystyrene must be brought into contact with the other substrate and the Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive beads completely spread, before again separating the substrates. Then allow solvent from Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive to flash off for approx 1 to 2 minutes before bring the substrates into final contact. Do not apply Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive onto Polystyrene foam as a blob. The surface to which the panels are to be fixed must not exceed 30oC. Failure to comply with these instructions will result in damage to the Polystyrene foam panel. For this reason, exterior installation of Polystyrene foam components using Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive is not recommended. In these cases consider Maxbond Fast Grip.

Cure Time: Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive forms a thin skin in 1 - 5 minutes depending on air temperature. The skin can be broken simply by pressing the floor or wall board firmly onto the adhesive with a slight twisting movement. 90% cure in three to five days. 100 % cure in seven days. Cure rate will depend on temperature, porosity of substrates and ventilation.

Service Temperatur: Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive will maintain a bond in situations where the temperature is continually between 0oC and 40oC. Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive will withstand temperatures up to 80oC where there is a light load and if the exposure to this temperature is not prolonged. Painting Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive may be painted after it has cured. Clean Up Wet: mineral turpentine*. Dry: scraper or sandpaper.


  •  Do not use Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive where temperatures will exceed 80°C.
  •  Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive is not suitable for immersion.
  •  Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive can be used in exterior applications, but must not be exposed to prolonged direct Sunlight.
  •  Do not apply at temperatures below 5oC. Safety Information Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive is classified as hazardous according to criteria of Worksafe Australia. Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive is highly flammable. Keep away from sources of ignition. Do not inhale vapour. Ensure good ventilation in area of use. Maxbond Original Construction Adhesive is a Dangerous Goods Class 3.

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