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PLS HVR 505R Interior Laser

PLS HVR 505R Interior Laser

Product Information

The PLS HVR 505 is a fully automatic, self-leveling laser used for height transfer and layout. The HVR 505 R is a traditional, visible red beam rotary laser used for both interior and exterior layout. The HVR 505 G is a highly visible, green beam rotary laser ideally used for interior layout. The HVR 505 G may also be used for
exterior applications. The rechargeable PLS HVR 505 contains micro-controlled charging technology.
The PLS HVR 505 may be used in vertical and horizontal mode and has an up and down plumb beam. It also has an additional line marker (scanning) function and may be controlled by the PLS RC 505 remote control. The instrument is water resistant and may be used in the rain, if necessary. Unit may not be submerged in water.
The HVR 505R is rugged, compact, easy to use, and very affordable. This rotary laser is ideal for mid-range outdoor horizontal and vertical layout, as well as interior acoustic ceiling and drywall installation.
Working range
150 metre radius
± 1mm @ 10 metres
Self-levelling range
6% (x, y axis)
Power source
Ni-MH and Alkaline packs
Laser class
     - HVR-505R Red Beam
     - HVR-505G Green Beam
Class II
Class III 3A
Rotation speed
0 - 600 rpm
wavelength 635nm
<1mW (HVR 505 R)
wavelength 532 nm
<5mW (HVR 505 G)
Operating temperature
32º F (0ºC) to 104º F (40º C)
Storage temperature
-22º F(-30º C) to 140º F (60º C)
2.2 kg
7.5 inch x 8 inch x 6 inch
2 Year
Height Transfer (Leveling)
Turn the instrument on. The leveling LED is flashing and the instrument
is self leveling. If the LED lights continuously the rotary head starts and the laser beam will be turned on. Attach the PLS HVD 505 Detector at this reference point on a rod and move this height to zero. Now the respective difference in levels to
the reference height can be measured on the ground. It is useful to use a flexible rod to measure positive and negative values simply.
The PLS HVR 505 has third leveling axis (z-axis). Place the instrument as shown. The plumb beam will be leveled automatically. The turning rotor head projects an
upright plane to the plumb beam at an angle of 90°. To adjust the alignment line use the arrow keys to move the laser beam right and left. Right angles can then be measured simply and quickly.
The PLS HVR 505 may be used with the PLS RC 505 infrared remote control. Point the remote in the direction of the PLS HVR 505 for remote operation. Remote distance is 70 feet indoors and 40 feet outdoors. There are 9 keys on the panel of the remote unit. The remote panel matches the keypad of the PLS HVR 505. Pressing any key will make the indicator lamp blink once indicating remote signal is being sent.
PLS RC 505 Remote Control
Operating distance
70 feet
Charger LDG 2+2
100-240V AC / 47-63Hz
12V / 1.25A
Available Distance
From rotary PLS HVR 505 (2.0 in)
Precise detecting: ± 1mm (± 0.04in) Rough detecting: ±2mm (± 0.08in)
Detecting Indication
Bi-surface LCD, buzzer
DC9V alkaline battery
Automatic Power-off Time
Approx. 20 minutes
Working Temperature
-20 C to +50 C (-4 F to +122 F)
135 (L) X 65 (W) X 24.5 (H)mm
5-3/4" x 2- 3/4" x 1"
0.15kg (0.44lbs) (with battery)
The PLS HVR 505R system includes:
Ceiling Bracket
Carrying Case
PLS HVD 505 Detector
PLS RC Remote Control
2 Magnetic Laser Targets
Both Alkaline and NIMH battery packs 
Operating Manual 

Price: $990.00

Product Code: PLS HVR 505 Interior Laser
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